Friday, January 21, 2011

A Farewell Trip - Part II

On to San Francisco! And as I got downstairs at the airport BART station, there were announcements that trains were delayed due to a recent earthquake in the area. I checked the internet while I waited and realized that recent meant minutes before! And the epicenter was near San Jose. The train arrived and while I was underground it stopped for a while; there was an announcement that there had been another earthquake. While I waited I read the signs about the evacuation procedures – not that I thought we would evacuate, but more because I was sitting right across from it. I didn’t feel anything. Even with the delays, I caught the next Caltrain down to Palo Alto. If you’re just reading this and you live in the Bay Area (and/or if you’re Amanda and Youssef) and I didn’t tell you I was coming, it’s not because I didn’t want to see you! I’ll just have to come back soon! Rose met me at the train and we went to downtown Palo Alto for a yummy Indian dinner. Back at her house, we made some brownies, and since I was still on Eastern/Central time, sensibly went to bed early (though before I drifted off to sleep, I did feel a second wind and almost suggested playing cards…).

On Saturday, Rose and I rode bikes to and across the Stanford campus to see the Hanna House, a Frank Lloyd Wright gem. Did I not know about it? Or when I was researching possible FLW houses to see, did I think I wouldn’t get to Palo Alto anytime soon? Rose had mentioned it offhandedly last time and I was determined to see it this time; it helped that it’s operated as part of the museum where she works, but the timing of tours helped me pick the day to visit. It’s a beautiful house, without a right angle in it. All hexagons – its nickname is the honeycomb house. It’s one of his more important works, leading to the geometry that then led him to the Guggenheim and other buildings. I’m so glad we went – and glad she hadn’t seen it yet! I realize that because of the way I’ve written these posts, I recently discussed the Pope-Leighey house – but that visit was almost two years ago! Well, I guess there are some themes in my life, and Frank Lloyd Wright is one of them.

We shared a sandwich at Ike’s Place, on the Stanford campus. It was an excellent sandwich. We’d been talking about Saigon Sandwich since August but we were too hungry to wait until we got all the way to San Francisco. We had to hustle to make the 2:31 train or wait another hour; on top of the bike riding, that was quite a workout! But after that we rode around in style, thanks to Amelia, who picked us up in a borrowed car.

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