Monday, January 17, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Pentagon Memorial

There’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alexandria; it had been on my list for a while, and on Sunday morning Steve, Elisa and I headed over there! The Pope-Leighey house is one of his Usonian houses (the US is for United States). I think they’re all built with the same floor plan, to keep the cost down; the philosophy behind them was to make them affordable for regular citizens. I had seen drawings and models of them but had never toured one! As is often the case with Frank Lloyd Wright houses, we had an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide.

I then met RPCV Rob for a drink; as with Frank, he was still adjusting to being back but close to getting something (as of this writing, both of them are on at least their third position and/or location since returning. I think it’s tough for us mid-career types!).

And then Elisa, Steve and I went to the Pentagon Memorial; they hadn’t been there yet, nor to Pope-Leighey. The memorial was very touching. There’s a bench for each person who died on September 11 (the benches are the same as those used in the High Line). Benches point in one direction if the person was on the plane, and in the other if the person was in the Pentagon. The benches appear to be randomly scattered, but they are organized by the month and year of the birthday of the person memorialized. It was really emotional to be there; good that we followed it with some cheer - a dinner out and yet more games.

And the next day Elisa took me to the airport, where I rented a car and drove south. What a wonderful visit!

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